A Ludacris Proposal

We want Ludacris to do Short Form Improv at Dad's Garage.


Hi Friends!

We are embarking on what will surely become a long, strange, hilarious journey as we try to convince Ludacris to do short-form improv. There is so much to Ludacris—award-winning musician, businessman, restauranteur, and Atlanta Icon—but (as far as we know) he's never experienced the awesomeness of performing improv. 

Together we can change this. 

Over the following months, we'll be working tirelessly to bring Ludacris to the Dad's Garage stage to perform improv with us! We'll have some great videos for you to watch, merch to buy, and all sorts of other ways for you to support this campaign. Please come back every month to see what's going on. 

- Dad's Garage Theatre

How you can help

Click on the link below, and share on social media. By bringing our voices together, we can make true change. We can get Ludacris to perform short-form improv.